• Hope Cruz

    Hope Cruz

    I’m a devoted cinephile, critic, and essayist who loves life, humanity, art, truth, drama, beauty, dreams, humor, cerebral creativity and visceral sensations.

  • Marissa Nichol

    Marissa Nichol

    I write and watch films from my New York City apartment. BS in journalism from Kent State University. IG: @honeylandpoetry

  • Elizabeth Webster

    Elizabeth Webster

    I’m an attorney, a writer, and a boy mom. I write quasi-legal articles about the arts. My Twitter is @es_webster.

  • Andrew George

    Andrew George

    I write about tech and its impact on individuals and society, for the most part. I’m also a teacher. www.andrewjoegeorge.com

  • Nick Hagan

    Nick Hagan

    Psychology and culture wordsmith, rambling in the canyons of my mind.

  • Andrew Lawlor

    Andrew Lawlor

    Be wary of your archetype, and be suspicious of your librarian (especially if they are English expats); these two — combined — account for 90% of my problems.

  • Mindora Writers

    Mindora Writers

    Mindora Writers are writing for the publication Mindora — a space for thoughts. Follow us for updates! Email: mindorafilms@gmail.com

  • Prashant Shirali

    Prashant Shirali

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