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  • Iman Hersi

    Iman Hersi

    🗣I’m a creative individual who is passionate about digital culture and media criticism

  • Teri Yuan

    Teri Yuan

    Unapologetic intersectional feminist survivor. Twitter: @engenderedpod @engenderedcol; Instagram/FB: @engenderedpodcast @engenderedcollective

  • Ashley Bibby

    Ashley Bibby

  • Carleton Film Society

    Carleton Film Society

    We are an enriching community for cinephiles and budding filmmakers. We screen movies, share resources and facilitate discussion about cinema, & produce films.

  • Prashant Shirali

    Prashant Shirali

  • Shipra Shirali

    Shipra Shirali

  • Beatrice Villadelgado

    Beatrice Villadelgado

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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